Wondering how to find your bracelet size, what size would suit you the best and how to style your bracelets? Allow us to guide you to your perfect match. 

Measure yourself for bracelet sizing.

You will need…

A flexible tape measurer / a paper strip / a piece of ribbon / string and a straight ruler or a bracelet that fits you well.

 Measure your wrist size.

 Measure the length of a bracelet that fits well.

This chart is not standard for all brands but is only a reference to help you understand sizing

Wrist Measurement (CM) Wrist Measurement (INCHES ”) Suitable for
14-15 cm 5.5-5.9” Teens, slim/petite girls/women
15-16.5 cm 5.9-6.5” Suitable for slim women
16.5-17.5 cm 6.5-6.9” Standard female size for most women, slender men, and teens
17.5-18.5 cm 6.9-7.3” Standard male size, suitable for some women
18.9-19.5+ cm 7.3-7.7+ in Men and women


Find your bracelet size that works best for your look. 

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