The Origin Story Of Amber

About Amber.

Amber is probably the most myth and legendary gemstone. It is called Baltic gold and broken pieces of the sun. It was used for healing and protection against enemies and now it is highly valued again as a material for making jewelry that combines modernity and tradition. Let's get to know what amber is, what its properties are and how they are revealed in amber jewelry.

What Amber Is?

Generally speaking, amber is solidified and fossilized conifer sap over millions of years. For the first time, this mineral of organic origin was mentioned before our era. However, its origin and formation theory were scientifically proven only in the 19th century. Until then, there were various myths and legends about where amber comes from. However, it is confirmed that there were large conifer forests in the past. As the climate warmed, trees began to release sap in abundance. These leaked onto the ground, mixed with the soil and began to harden.

The water washed the sap out of the land into the sea, where complex processes of change continued. This is how the pieces of sap changed and eventually turned into the amber we know.

It is interesting that when the sap flowed through the trunks of conifers, some insect, part of another plant or even an animal would sometimes fall into them as if in a trap. These impurities are called inclusions and are extremely valuable to scientists, as they have remained unchanged over the millions of years of amber formation, tightly preserved in the sacs.

Types of amber.

 The closest and most familiar to us is golden Baltic amber. However, in fact, there can be different types of this mineral.

They are divided according to color, as well as according to age or the place where the amber was mined. According to the color, yellow, white, black and blue amber can be distinguished. The latter is the rarest, found in just a few localities, mostly in the Dominican Republic.

And white amber has been considered the most luxurious since ancient times, because its color resembles ivory. Although amber is found on every continent except Antarctica, Baltic amber remains one of the most special. In the Amber Alex range, you will find many pieces of jewelry with this exceptional white amber.

Properties of amber.


It is the unique properties that best define what amber is. And this mineral of organic origin has special physical and healing properties

In ancient times, this mineral was used as protection against evil and to treat various diseases. And nowadays it is believed to be beneficial to wear amber, especially with thyroid problems. Compared to other gemstones, amber is extremely light and warm.



It is pleasant when it touches the skin, and jewelry made from it does not weigh you down. Therefore, it is also believed that amber positively affects a person energetically. It calms, helps maintain a good mood and gives strength.



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