We are a company established in a town by the coast of Baltic Sea – Palanga. We produce and sell amber jewelry and semi-finished amber products. The location, nature and traditions enables us to achieve the best results in amber processing. Palanga and surrounding region is famous for amber processing traditions – several generations of local craftsmen hold the techniques and subtlety of amber jewelry manufacturing. So, we are happy we have established our company here – in the very heart of amber traditions.
The production facilities of the factory covers 1.5 thousand square meters and close to 100 workplaces are created in the factory. Experienced specialists and professional craftsmen who pursue to produce the finest quality amber jewelry are employed by us. Amber Alex creates amber necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, pins, loose stones and other merchandise that customers may desire. Our priority is the customer, every day we do our best to fulfill each customer needs.
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