• Have you been browsing for necklaces?

    Have you been browsing for necklaces?

    Now you are probably trying to make one of the most important decisions before you add the necklace to your cart—"What length necklace should I choose?"—because most necklace chain styles are available in different lengths.  Not to worry! We have covered all your necklace questions here! How do I choose a necklace chain length? Before you choose a necklace length, you should know that...
  • Bracelet Size Guide

    Bracelet Size Guide

    Wondering how to find your bracelet size, what size would suit you the best and how to style your bracelets? Allow us to guide you to your perfect match.  Measure yourself for bracelet sizing. You will need… A flexible tape measurer / a paper strip / a piece of ribbon / string and a straight ruler or a bracelet that fits you well.  Measure your wrist size.  Measure the...
  • Ring Sizer

    Ring Sizer

    When investing in a beautiful new ring, many people forget the most important factor: getting the correct ring size. Before purchasing a new ring, it is important to have the correct size to avoid resizing problems in the future. Unfortunately, most of the methods widely used or recommended on the internet do not work. Too much room for error. While these methods are convenient, the...
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